I am not a blogger.

As you can tell,  I am not a blogger.   But I do like knowing I have a place to write.

  Today,  I read an article on the ways that we cheat on each other without ever having sex.  It has me thinking about my relationship with my husband.   It brings me to the fact that I feel cheated on.   While I am glad that he has people he can trust and talk to about what is going on in his life,  I feel cheated out of the some most intimate moments of what we are going through.  What is it about me (or more likely, him) that makes it easier to get vulnerable and emotionally intimate with others?   Supposedly,  I am his source of love, comfort, and support.   So,  where's my moment of shared feeling?  Where's my "I poured my heart out" emotionally vulnerable moment with the man of my life?   Here I sit broken by the last year or so, and all of the healing and understanding on his part  is happening with others.  I think I'm developing a resentment. Time to call my sponsor...

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